Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Green Hour Challenge: Week Four

Last week presented some challenges to my focus but I was determined that we would do our nature study. Did we do it on Wednesday like I originally planned? No. On Friday, which was my fall back day? No. We did it on Sunday and didn't post this in a timely manner but I'm learning that these are not the horrific derailments that I tend to fear they will be. Here was the assignment:

1. Read pages 16-17 of the Handbook of Nature Study. Highlight or underline those parts that will help you understand better the connection between nature study, language arts, and drawing.

"...there is one safe rule for is legitimate and excellent training as long as the pupil does not discover that he is correlating...ulterior motive is sickening to the honest spirit."

"The correlation of nature-study and drawing is so natural and inevitable that it needs never be revealed to the pupil."

2. This week take your 10-15 minute nature walk. If you have tired of your own backyard, venture down your street, around your block, or to a near-by park.

We went to a "nature" trail that runs alongside a creek at a nearby park. Its a little too well-traveled to really be a great location for a leisurely nature study but it served us well. We saw ducks and lots of bugs and various plants and trees and looked without success for tadpoles. We had a great time. No camera though. Someone didn't bring it even though I asked him to but I'm not going to mention names (it wasn't the small "him" of the house but that's all I'm going to say about that).

3. Follow up with discussion and the opportunity for a nature journal entry.

Because my overall participation in this challenge was limited there was not much in the way of discussion. Henry did not care to do a nature journal but Eleanor was so I presented her with this:

I know, I know...any old sketchbook would do but this is so cuuuuuuuute.

She sketched a picture and wrote this:

I think it is a beatle. The back stripe is red while the rest was black. It "Bzzed" but didn't sting.

Optional assignment for parents:
Take a look at your attitude towards outdoor time. Has it changed since starting these challenges? Are you committed to keeping up your Green Hour time because you see the benefits stacking up in your family? Have you started keeping your own nature journal or photo album of your experiences outdoors with your children?

My attitude has definitely changed. I like inside. I like couches and climate control and not being in the sun and clean hands. But my kids aren't like that. Well, maybe the boy. But I'd like for them to have an appreciation of nature and I like the built in correlations to other subjects. I'm learning to stop and take in my surroundings. I have not started my own nature journal. Or considered it. Photos are my nature journal for now. Baby steps.

We're on to Week Four and looking forward to it!

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, March 10, 2008

This Moment Also Brought to You By Homeschool

Me: You'd better wait on the front porch until I figure out what to do with you. Now.

This Moment Brought to You by Home School

Eleanor and Henry walk along a trail holding hands.

Henry: I'm going to have very many books so I'm going to need a lot of shelves. But just non-fiction books.

Eleanor: But fiction books are very important. Let's say you're studying Homer, you may need to read, "The Iliad".

Henry: But, "The Iliad", really happened.

Eleanor: Well, some things were true. There really was a Trojan war but it wasn't fought over a Golden Apple.