Sunday, August 10, 2008


The summer hiatus is going really well. I had originally planned to school year round but I'm glad we took time off to enjoy the weather and just the general summer-ness of summer. In reality, we've only been completely lesson free for about 6 weeks but it feels like so much longer.

I've been updating this blog for the new school year which will start either the first or second week of September. I have enough lesson planning done to get us off to a good start. We haven't changed much curriculum but we have added some things. Henry will be in first grade so he has more subjects than he did last year. Eleanor is adding Latin. Susannah will begin a more formal preschool program.

Here is our overview for this year:


  • Spelling Workout B
  • First Language Lessons
  • Writing With Ease
  • Story of the World: Medieval History
  • Geography
  • Saxon 2
  • Spelling Workout D
  • First Language Lessons 4
  • Classical Writing: Aesop B
  • Story of the World: Medieval History
  • Geography
  • Saxon 5/4
  • Ecoutez, Parlez!
  • Lively Latin
This week we will be tying up loose ends from June. Eleanor has 2 math lessons to complete. Eleanor and Henry need to wrap up our space unit. We have some residual projects related to ancient history that I'd like to complete. Then, onward and upward.

One of my recent projects has been fully committing the old dining room to our schoolroom by losing the dark mustard color. Great for stimulating the appetite but dreary for lessons. I've also put up a permanent white board and added all sorts of posters and such. Here are the pics of what I've done so far: